Kuwait will jail anyone not wearing a coronavirus face mask in public

Kuwait will jail anyone not wearing a coronavirus face mask in public
Kuwaiti authorities have warned that anyone not wearing a face mask in public will face jail time.
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18 May, 2020
Kuwait has enforced some of the strictest anti-coronavirus measures in the Gulf [Getty]
Kuwait has warned that anyone caught in public not wearing a face mask will face jail time, the latest tough measure taken by the Gulf state to tackle the coronvirus crisis.

The ministry of health warned that anyone flouting the mandatary face mask law will face three months in jail and a maximum fine of 5,000 dinars, Kuwaiti media reported on Monday.

Authorities have also fixed prices for face masks to ensure that businesses do not profit from the public health crisis.

Kuwaiti authorities say the tough measures are necessary for public safety, after the Gulf state began to ease lockdown measures and saw the number of coronavirus cases rise.

The threat of the virus still looms large with with four more people dying from Covid-19 over a 24-hour period, authorities said on Sunday.

Kuwait has seen 14,850 cases of coronavirus and 112 deaths from the disease.

Kuwait has also announced a nationwide curfew until 30 May due to the spike, with people only allowed out of their homes for two hours of exercise a day - while wearing masks.

Qatar has threatened anyone flouting social distancing rules - which includes the mandatary wearing of face masks in public - with three years in jail.

Low oil prices and the coronavirus lockdowns are expected to hit Gulf states hard, with Kuwait's economy expected to contract by one percent this year.

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