Kuwait bans entry of ships carrying goods to and from Israel

Kuwait bans entry of ships carrying goods to and from Israel
The decree is the latest in a long series of measures undertaken by the Kuwaiti government to avert any normalisation of relations with Israel.
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05 December, 2021
Commercial ships carrying good for and from Israeli will no longer be allowed to dock in Kuwait's ports, even for transit. [Getty]

The Kuwaiti government has issued a decree banning the entry of commercial ships carrying goods to and from Israel into Kuwaiti territorial waters, local media reported on Saturday. The ban also covers vessels carrying goods from Israel destined to another country outside of Kuwait. 

Kuwait maintains a strong stance against the normalisation of relations with Israel. In May, the Kuwaiti parliament passed a bill banning Kuwaiti nationals and expat residents from visiting Israel. The new law also outlawed expressions of sympathy for Israel.

Kuwaiti laws prohibit any dealings with entities and persons living there and with persons who have an interest in Israel - even if they live outside the country. Importing, trading and possessing any Israeli goods or goods made with Israeli-sourced materials is forbidden.

In May, the government summoned the Czech ambassador to Kuwait after he expressed support for Israel, which was carrying out an airstrike campaign against Gaza.

Yet, Kuwait's solidarity to the Palestinian cause is beginning to stand out in the Gulf region. Two of Kuwait's neighbours, the UAE and Bahrain, recently normalised economic and diplomatic relations with Israel since signing the US-sponsored Abraham Accords in August 2020.

The Kuwaiti Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations Talal Al-Fassam reiterated on Wednesday his country's support for the Palestinian people.

He condemned a recent visit by Israeli President Isaac Herzog to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in the Palestinian city of Hebron, which is partially occupied by settlers under protection of the Israeli army.