A kitchen porter named Mohammed revealed as one of the London Bridge heroes

A kitchen porter named Mohammed revealed as one of the London Bridge heroes
A kitchen porter was among one of the heroes who stopped Usman Khan during his knife rampage on Friday.
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02 December, 2019
Two civilians were murdered and three others were injured.

A kitchen porter named Mohammed who was on his lunch break on Friday near London Bridge has been revealed, was one of the brave heroes who pinned down London Bridge terror suspects Usman Khan to the ground, after two people were stabbed in the attack on Friday.

The man - so far named only as "Mohammed" - happened to be at the scene on Friday and then courageously charged towards the Islamist extremist who was holding two knives in either hand and wearing a fake explosive belt.

He joined Polish chef Lukasz who ripped a five foot whale tusk off a wall and charged at Khan with the aim of disarming him after he slashed and stabbed attendees at a conference on rehabilitation close to London Bridge.

Saskia Jones, aged 23, and Jack Merritt, aged 25, were killed in the attack, while three others were injured.

Lukasz was treated at the hospital after receiving a stab womb to his hand.

Tour guides Thomas Gray and Stevie Hurst stopped their vehicle after witnessing Khan and joined two other men in pinning down the suspect at London Bridge.

Police arrived at the scene where they shot Khan at close range.

Mohammed was interviewed by police, before returning to work to continue washing dishes at the kitchen, where he worked as a porter.

Khan was living in Strafford after being released from prison in December 2018. In 2010 he was charged with conspiracy to cause terror offences along with eight others.

He pleaded guilty to conspiring to detonate a bomb at the London Stock Exchange, alongside nine others, in February 2012.

A handwritten target list was found at one of the convicted terrorists homes, which included the address of the then London Mayor Boris Johnsons, two rabbis, the American embassy in London and the address of the Dean of St Pauls cathedral in London.

Khan was linked to radical preacher Anjem Choudary after a mobile phone was seized at one of the plotters homes, containing material relating to the banned Al-Muhajiroun group he founded.

On the day of the attack, Khan attended a conference hosted by Cambridge University scheme "Learning Together" at Fishmongers Hall near London Bridge. He was released from prison on license and wearing an electronic tag.

The ministry of justice stated that they will be reviewing the license conditions of every convicted terrorist released from prison. As of yet, the number of those being reviewed is said to be around 70.

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