Killing continues in Idlib during tumultuous​ week in Syria

Killing continues in Idlib during tumultuous​ week in Syria

At least ten civilians were killed in regime and Russia airstrikes in Idlib during the last week.
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28 October, 2019
Idlib has come under continual bombardment (Getty)
The Syrian Civil Defense, or "White Helmets" documented the killing of 10 civilians in bombardment carried out by regime forces and Russia that targeted the Jisr al-Shughour area in Idlib, northwest Syria, within the last week

Among the dead were three women and a child, all killed by shelling in the western countryside of Idlib during the last week of this month.

Twenty-two people, including six children and a woman were injured, during the same period, as a result of shelling of the regime forces and Russia on the region.

The bombing comes despite the region's alleged compliance with a truce agreement announced by Russia on August 31.

The director of the team of Syrian first responders, Mohammed Hallaj, previously told The New Arab that many are concerned and skepticism around the truce, similar to the previous truces announced by Russia or the Syrian regime.

"The same method is repeated again and again. Reconnaissance planes do not leave the sky, and then begin targeted air strikes, before this becomes aerial bombing campaigns. This is what we saw in previous military campaigns."

Syria's war has killed 370,000 people and displaced millions from their homes since beginning in 2011 with the brutal repression of anti-Assad protests.

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