Khalifa Haftar introduces a 'Muslim ban' in east Libya

Khalifa Haftar introduces a 'Muslim ban' in east Libya
The New Arab has seen a copy of a immigration order, issued under the command of General Haftar, banning entry to nationals from six Muslim-majority nations.
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11 April, 2017
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Forces loyal to the rebel general in control of east Libya, Khalifa Haftar, are reportedly enforcing an immigration ban against nationals from six Muslim-majority countries.

A missive, signed by an official at al-Abraq International Airport, forbids entry to all passport-holders from Yemen, Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

"Large numbers of travellers, especially Syrians and Pakistanis, do not hold residency permits or visas," the order reads.

Captain Munir al-Harram, assistant to the head of passport control at the airport, confirmed the existence of the order to Libya's al-Wasat News.

The order quotes a "decree from the general commander of the Libyan army" and is dated the April 4.

Haftar's forces have been engaged in a prolonged war with Islamist fighters in Benghazi and other areas of east Libya over the a two-year period.

Haftar has been fighting against the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, which he has referred to as a "terrorist group", drawing resources from the UAE in his fight.

Haftar met with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, on Monday to discuss the continuing "fight against terrorism" in Libya.

A copy of the order, dated 4 April