Hate-monger Katie Hopkins tricked into accepting fake award by YouTube prankster

Hate-monger Katie Hopkins tricked into accepting fake award by YouTube prankster
A YouTube prankster has documented how he tricked Katie Hopkins into flying to Prague for a fake ceremony where she accepted the 'Campaign To Unify The Nation Trophy'.
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31 January, 2020
Joshua Pieters presents Katie Hopkins with her 'lifetime achievement award' [Getty]
Notorious racist Katie Hopkins has been ridiculed online after prankster Joshua Pieters published a video of himself presenting the far-right provocateur accepting an award - appropriately named the Campaign to Unite the Nation Trophy, or C**T.

Pieters, who boasts over a million YouTube subscribers, claimed Hopkins flew out to Prague to accept the prize at an entirely staged ceremony complete with applauding guests.

The ruse was made all the more gleeful by the fact that Hopkins' Twitter account had been suspended, making her unaware she had been tricked, claimed Pieters. 

"Now that Katie Hopkins can't read Twitter, I can tell you that on Monday I made her fly to Prague to pick up a completely fake award," tweeted Pieters along with a photo of himself presenting a silver cup to a grinning Hopkins against a backdrop of the prize's rude acronym.

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In the video of the ceremony, which has racked up over a million views, Pieters presents the award to Hopkins, saying, ironically: "Katie has experienced a huge amount of online hate. Some people on the internet really seem to want to bring her down." 

South Africa-based Pieters explains in the video how he set up a parody organisation called the Cape Town Collective for Freedom of Speech, and invited Hopkins to accept its lifetime achievement award.

He then organised the ceremony in Prague, for which he hired actors to make up the small handful of guests attending the event.

Many of those who initially criticised Pieters' elaborate prank took it back after a video of Hopkins' acceptance speech was posted online, in which she launched a shockingly obscene tirade against Muslims, Asians, disabled people and Greta Thunberg.

"If you call 'Mohammad' in a school playground in the UK, 2,000 f**king kids come running and you don't want any of them," she says at one point.

Living up to her reputation as a Islamophobic hate-monger, she said: "East London is smelly and shitty at the best of times, it's 82% Muslim."

She also called teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg an "autistic f**king wench."

Hopkins, a one-time Apprentice UK contestant rose to notoriety as a commentator peddling racist and far-right views.

She was fired as a host on LBC radio in 2017 after calling for a "final solution" in a tweet about Muslims.

Her now-suspended column with Mail Online included calls for gunboats to stop African migrants crossing the Meditarranean - whom she called "cockroaches" - from reaching Europe.

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