Jordan would need '20 years' to modernise parliament

Jordan would need '20 years' to modernise parliament
Jordan would need 20 years to modernise its parliament, according to the head of a royal committee looking at reforming Jordan's political system.
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03 August, 2021
Jordan would need '20 years' to modernise [Getty]

The head of a royal committee established to reform Jordan's political system said it would take 20 years to modernise the parliament.

In a statement to the semi-official Al-Mamlaka news channel, Samir Al-Rifai said on Monday that he informed the Jordanian monarchy of his estimate. King Abdullah gave the committee 10 years to complete the process.

"We do not want an election law that gives any party twice or half its weight on the ground, so what we want is an election law that mirrors fair political representation," he said, noting that the law is still being discussed by the committee.

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The committee is looking to reduce the number of MPs in the next parliament to streamline decision-making but says it will ensure that all provinces in Jordan are represented.

The Royal Hashemite Court said in a statement on its website that the process of modernisation will continue despite any obstacles.

"The process of modernisation and development continues despite attempts to put obstacles in front of it without realising that work is being done transparently for a better future for Jordan," the court said.