Jordan unrest after local elections sees dozens detained

Jordan unrest after local elections sees dozens detained
Jordanian police made dozens of arrests as riots broke out in several Jordanian cities following local elections marked by a low turnout and the absence of political parties.
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23 March, 2022
Jordanian local elections were marred by a low turnout and riots [Getty]

Jordanian police detained dozens of people after unrest across the country on Tuesday night after preliminary results of local elections were announced.

The initial results for the local and provincial elections were announced last night, with a low turnout of 29.64%. The ballot was dominated by independent candidates, many representing tribal interests.

Only an estimated 2% of candidates represented Jordanian political parties, with the country's main Islamist party, the Islamic Action Front, boycotting the vote.

After the results were announced, protesters burned the municipal building in the town of Hashemiya near Zarqa, east of the capital Amman.

In the province of Jerash, north Jordan, a vehicle was overturned, with disturbances breaking out in other towns and cities.

The Jordanian General Security Directorate said in a statement on Wednesday morning that the unrest had been brought under control with dozens of people detained.

It said that 40 people had been arrested in Irbid, north Jordan, following riots, while six people had been arrested in Hashemiya, and others detained in Jerash, Khalidiya, and other Jordanian cities.

A total of 4,646 candidates, including 835 women, took part in the election.