Jordan-Syria border crossing re-opened in bid to bolster trade

Jordan-Syria border crossing re-opened in bid to bolster trade
An important border crossing between Syria and Jordan has re-opened after a nearly two months-long closure.
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28 September, 2020
Jordan re-opened the border for trucks on Sunday [Getty]
Traffic resumed on the Jordan-Syria border on Sunday, after trade and travel restrictions were imposed over the coronavirus crisis.

The Nassib-Jaber border crossing was closed for a month after a spike of coronavirus cases among border officials and reports of a major epidemic in Syria.

The crossing was re-opened for trucks on Sunday, which was one of the main gateways for land trade between Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, and the Gulf region.

It has been shuttered for long periods during the war in Syria and after the coronavirus epidemic, to the frustration of traders in Jordan who have suffered huge losses as a result of the closures.

"We have had millions of dollars of losses as a result of the closure," said Mohammad Al-Daoud, the president of the Jordanian Truck Owners' Association, told The New Arab.

Seventy trailers carrying, mostly agricultural products, crossed the border for Jordan on Sunday heading for the Gulf and Iraq, according Syrian.

Jordan has announced a tender for $1.7 million facility at Jaber to implement social distancing and health protocols for truck drivers crossing the border.

Jordan has suffered massive economic losses due to the war in Syria disrupting trade and lockdowns due to the coronavirus crisis.

Syrian state news has welcomed the move, after suffering major economic damage due to the lira crash, Lebanese financial crisis, and US sanctions.

"The door for shipping will be opened for imported goods passing by transit road, trucks heading to the Gulf countries, Egypt and Iraq, in addition to trucks entering Jordan," SANA reported.

"The system for shipping goods at the crossing will be in a back-to-back manner, with the exception of transit truck drivers who hold a Jordanian visa."

Non-trade movement remains banned, with no date on allowing passenger travel.

Jordan and Syria re-opened the Jaber-Nassib border crossing in October 2018 after a three-year closure when rebels took over southern Syria.

A major regime offensive saw rebels surrender the areas in July 2018, paving the war for the re-opening of the border.

Lebanon has also been hit by the closure of the border, which was previously used to ship produce to Gulf markets.

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