Jordan police attack teachers protesting pay cuts

Jordan police attack teachers protesting pay cuts
Jordanian police attacked teachers for protesting against the government not honouring a pay bonus.
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10 August, 2020
Teachers are protesting in Jordan [Getty]
Police in Jordan detained teachers who continued their protests over a lack of provisions and not honouring a pay-rise deal.

Rallies took place on Sunday in Irbid, Mafraq, Karak, Ajloun and Tafila, along with a in front of the Husseini Mosque in the capital city, Amman.

Police were reported to be exceptionally violent in Irbid, attacking teachers and making arrests.

Among the those detained was teacher Waqed al-Omari, who appeared in a picture handcuffed.

Activists on social media shared a previous photo of him and demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz.

Authorities also arrested Anadolu Agency’s Jordan correspondent Laith al-Junaidi before he was released hours later.

The head of the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists, Nidal Mansour urged the media ministry to protect journalists.

Mansour said he contacted State for Media Affairs Amjad al-Adaileh, who urged him to ensure media workers distinguish themselves from protesters so they would not be "accidentally arrested".

The government believes that strike action now could lead to immense harm for the kingdom as it deals with the economic impact of lockdown measures intended to tackle the coronavirus crisis.

Teachers in Jordan have for long complained of a lack of provisions and police violence when protesting. After agreeing with the government for a payment bonus, Amman backtracked, blaming coronavirus.

The teachers' strike was one of the most hard-hitting strike actions taken by the public sector in years.

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