Jordan partially lifts curfew in three governorates

Jordan partially lifts curfew in three governorates
Jordanian authorities say that they will partially lift a curfew in three provinces which have no reported coronavirus cases.
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20 April, 2020
Jordan had previously imposed a strict coronavirus lockdown [Getty]

The Jordanian government on Sunday announced an easing of coronavirus-related restrictions in three governorates.

The Tafilah, Karak and Ma'an governorates, which have no recorded cases of the virus, will allow its residents to move freely between 10:00am (0700 GMT) and 6:00pm (1500 GMT).

The governorates will be closed to outside visitors.

Universities, schools, mosques, churches, and fitness centres remain shut.

The easing of restrictions follows similar measures already taken in the southern port city of Aqaba on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Jordan's Minister of Trade and Industry Tareq Hammouri said several sectors will be allowed to resume their work gradually as of Tuesday, including electronics, construction, furniture, clothes and bookshops.

"From next Tuesday, [these] sectors will be allowed to operate at 30% of employment; this applies to establishments where there are 10 workers or more. With regards to establishments where there are fewer than 10 workers, only three workers will be allowed to work in this facility."

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For other cities in the kingdom, including the capital Amman, citizens are prohibited to use cars and only allowed to move on foot. The curfew imposed earlier by authorities was considered to be the strictest in the Arab world.

Jordan has so far reported 417 cases of coronavirus and seven deaths.

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