Jordan's Al-Ghad newspaper prints front page in Hebrew in Gaza protest

Jordan's Al-Ghad newspaper prints front page in Hebrew in Gaza protest
Jordan's Al-Ghad newspaper published a front-page article in the Hebrew language on Wednesday to reach Israelis following the devastating war on Gaza.
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16 November, 2023
The Al-Ghad newspaper appeared to address Israelis in a front-page article on Wednesday [Al-Ghad/TNA]

One of Jordan's most popular dailies has printed a front-page story in Hebrew - a step deemed highly unusual for an Arabic news outlet - in protest at Israel's ongoing war on Gaza.

Al-Ghad appeared to be addressing Israelis in the front-page article under the headline: "What's next for 'Israel'?"

The article said it had "become a necessity in these times when the facts indicate that the outcome of the war will remain in favour of the [Palestinian] resistance".

It said that the question was also being asked in light of "several factors…which lead to the fact that the [Israel] has begun its countdown on the road to collapse".

Al-Ghad listed a number of domestic issues in Israel that it said would lead to the country's demise, including economic challenges as a result of its war on Gaza and internal political divisions which it said was "one of the reasons which promoted it [Israel] to launch its ground invasion of Gaza".

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It said that despite Israel's onslaught on Gaza "occupation forces have not achieved any significant development" and that Israel had fallen into a "trap" set by the Hamas.

It also predicted a major backlash against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "extremist government…at any moment" from "settlers and families of occupation prisoners held by Hamas" in reference to Israeli hostages held since 7 October after Hamas launched a deadly assault on military bases in southern Israel.

The move by the newspaper came amid a series of concrete actions taken by Amman against Israel, which saw Jordan's parliament on Monday unanimously vote to review agreements signed with Israel.

Jordan's King Abdullah penned an opinion piece for The Washington Post on Monday, in which he said Israel's war on Gaza has "reached a moral breaking point".

He described Netanyahu's government as one that was "unwilling to take the path of peace on the basis of the two-state solution will not be able to provide its people the security they need".

"No one will prevail unless the Palestinians are given their rights and their state," he wrote. "Only this will be a true victory for peace, for Palestinians and for Israelis alike. And that, more than anything, would be a victory for our common humanity."