Jordan launches retaliatory raids on IS bases

Jordan launches retaliatory raids on IS bases
Jordanian fighter jets pounded Islamic State group training camps and ammunition depots, fulfilling promises to avenge the death of murdered pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh.
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05 February, 2015

Jordan have acted on promises to avenge the death of murdered pilot Muaz al-Kassasbeh launching tens of airstrikes against the Islamic State group.

State TV announced that the Royal Jordanian Air Force has destroyed training camps and ammunition depots belonging to the Islamic State group (IS, formerly known as ISIS). 

The operation has been named "The martyred pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh". 

Kassasbeh had been taking part in air strikes against the militants when his plane, according to the US-led coalition, crashed over IS-held territory.

The pilot was captured by the group and the video showing his murder was released this week by the extremist group.

A statement by the Jordanian armed forces broadcast on Jordanian state television said that the operation took place at 11 o'clock local time today.

The mission involved tens of Jordanian air force fighter jets.

"Consecutive strikes leveled the positions and hideouts of the [IS] group and attacked positions that included the terrorist organisation's training camps and weapons and ammunitions depots. All targets attacked were destroyed and the jets safely returned to their bases," the statement read. 

There was no details on the exact number of jets that took part in the operation or the location of the strikes.

Most observers believe that the strikes might have taken place in IS-controlled areas in both Iraq and Syria.

The army's statement opened by saying that this is the beginning of Jordanian attacks against the group, and that more strikes can be expected.

"You will find out who the Jordanians are," the statement said. 

The armed forces also announced that the strikes were in honour of Kassasbeh, who was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant to Captain posthumously.

The armed forces also vowed to destroy the IS group "so Jordanians can be safe of their tyranny" and promised that the group will "pay for every hair on the body of our heroic martyr".

Jordanian state television showed pictures of operation in which messages to IS were written on missiles.

This included slogans such as, "this one is for the enemy of Islam, Abu Omar al-Shishani", "our soldiers will be victorious", and “Islam is innocent of your actions”.

Jordan TV also showed pictures of the targets before and after the strikes.

The fighter jets that took part in the operation had also flown over Amman and Karak, the home town of Moaz al-Kassasbeh on Thursday afternoon, where memorials to the pilot have been taking place.