Jordan to launch five-year visa to boost Covid-hit tourism industry

Jordan to launch five-year visa to boost Covid-hit tourism industry
With Jordan still struggling to recover its once-thriving tourism industry amid the coronavirus pandemic, the interior ministry has announced a new five-year tourism visa
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12 April, 2022
Tourism to Jordan's ancient city of Petra has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic [Getty]

Jordan will be launching a multi-entry visa that will be valid for five years in order to boost the country's worn-down tourism industry and faltering economy, the interior ministry announced.

The new visa will allow holders a three-month residency each time they arrive in Jordan to attract long-term tourists, entrepreneurs and investors, Interior Minister Mazen Faraya announced on Monday.

The interior ministry will continue to evaluate ways to promote investment and streamline procedures for tourists to enter and leave the country, he added.

Jordan’s per-capita income was just over $4,000 in 2020 and unemployment reached almost a quarter of the labour force in 2021.

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Poor living conditions sparked protests, but while public displays of dissent in the country are sporadic they are muzzled by the heavy hand of Jordanian security forces.

After two years of bans and restrictions on entering Jordan, the kingdom in February decided to ease coronavirus-related restrictions on foreign visitors.

Jordan's struggling economy relies heavily on international tourism and has been hit hard by the pandemic.

Recent months have seen countries around the world lifting coronavirus restrictions for foreign travellers.