Jordan king reveals Iranian drones and missiles landed in kingdom

Jordan king reveals Iranian drones and missiles landed in kingdom
Jordanian King Abdullah II has voiced concern over Iran's growing military capabilities, claiming his country has been targeted by Tehran.
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26 July, 2021
Abdullah sounded concern over Iran's "rapid" development of ballistic technology [Getty]

Jordan's King Abdullah II claimed on Sunday that the kingdom was attacked last year by drones made in Iran.

Drones and missiles "launched towards Israel from Syria or Lebanon which miss (their targets) sometimes fall in Jordan. So we have these concerns", Abdullah said during an interview with CNN in Washington, where he is on an official visit.

The king voiced concerns over the "rapid" development of Iran’s ballistic technology, referring to the use of such missiles against US bases in Iraq as well as targets in Saudi Arabia from Yemen.

Iran is engaged in different conflicts in the region and backing militias in Syria and Iraq, the Houthis in Yemen, as well as Hezbollah, the dominant Shia paramilitary and political force in Lebanon.  

Abdullah added that there has been an increase in shootings along Jordan’s borders which are now as frequent as during the country's fight with the Islamic State group, he said.

Jordan shares a border with Iraq and Syria, where IS once controlled swathes of territory.

"Jordan has always supported dialogue, and there are legitimate concerns on our part of the world because of the many records that we hope the Americans will discuss with the Iranians," the monarch said during the interview.

Israel has warned the US of Iran's nuclear capabilities and its potential of developing a nuclear weapon, something Tehran has repeatedly denied.

Washington and other nations are yet to reach a full agreement with Iran over reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, scrapped by then US President Donald Trump.