Jordan King Abdullah orders release of 16 alleged coup plotters

Jordan King Abdullah orders release of 16 alleged coup plotters
The Jordanian news agency Petra has announced the release of 16 people detained over their alleged role in a coup attempt earlier this month.
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22 April, 2021
A coup attempt took place in Jordan in early April [Getty]

Jordan on Thursday announced the release of 16 people detained for their purported role in an alleged coup attempt, involving senior royals, earlier this month.

The Jordanian official news agency Petra reported that King Abdullah had ordered their release "out of concern for the interests of the nation and its citizens" and to coincide with Ramadan "the month of mercy and forgiveness".

Brigadier General Hazem Al-Majali, the Jordanian State Security Court public prosecutor, said that those released will not include Bassem Awadallah, a former royal court chief, and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, a member of the royal family who were believed to have played leading roles in the alleged coup attempt.

They were arrested on 3 April and remain in prison.

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On 11 April, King Abdullah and his brother Prince Hamzah, who was also accused of involvement, appeared in public for the first time since scandal erupted on a visit to the mausoleum where their ancestors are buried.

Hamzah will not face any charges over his alleged role in the coup, Jordan has announced.

Last Tuesday, Brigadier General Al-Majali said that Jordan’s State Security Court "had completed investigations into the recent events" which had "posed a clear threat to the security and stability of the kingdom".

Around 20 suspects were arrested following the 3 April coup attempt.

The remaining suspects are expected to be tried by the State Security Court.

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