Jordan arrests organisers of party after sexual harassment reports

Jordan arrests organisers of party after sexual harassment reports
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24 September, 2018
Widespread allegations of sexual harassment at a 'family-friendly' event have led to arrests and the venue being shut down.
Groups of drunk men reportedly mobbed young girls and exposed themselves inappropriately [Twitter]
Jordanian authorities have arrested the organisers of a festival and shut down a venue in the capital Amman following widespread reports of sexual harassment at the event.

The festival had been marketed as family friendly, but allegations have emerged of drunken men exposing themselves to children as young as 13.

Pictures on social media aso suggest attendees were "dirty dancing" and drinking alcohol in the presence of children.

Local website Roya News reported on Saturday that dozens of young girls may have been sexually harrassed at the event.

A social media account has been set-up to document complains from the event.

"Even though I wear a hijab, men were still harassing me and one of them grabbed my backside, while the security guard didn't bother helping," one user said.

Jordan's interior minister on Sunday ordered the arrest of the party organisers for not having permission to serve alcohol, state-run news agency Petra reported.

The official outlet said authorities took action after they reviewed "photos and videos on social media of the event that... included a number of activities that were harmful to public decency".

Later on Sunday, Petra reported that authorities closed the restaurant, Seven Hills, which had hosted the party along Amman's airport road.

Other users have complained that groups of drunk men mobbed the young girls and exposed themselves.

Sexual harassment is rife in the conservative country.

In 2014, authorities pledged to crack down on the epidemic with tougher penalties on harassers after a video emerged of a mob of men harassing a woman in public.