Jordan and Iraq form joint coronavirus strategy, as cases rise in Baghdad

Jordan and Iraq form joint coronavirus strategy, as cases rise in Baghdad
Jordan has been applauded for its handling of the coronavirus crisis.
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25 June, 2020
Jordan's strict measures saw the control of the coronavirus epidemic [Getty]

Jordan and Iraq will work together to address the continued threat posed by the coronavirus, as cases continue to rise in Baghdad.

Iraq Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein held talks with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi in Baghdad on Wednesday to discuss ways to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

This will include exchanges in experiences, health and technical arenas to tackle the crisis, Safadi said.

Jordan has been praised for its handling of the coronavirus epidemic, which saw a nationwide lockdown implemented early on in the crisis and prevented a major outbreak in the kingdom.

It has since eased the strict lockdown but has enacted strict social distancing measures and is trialling electronic bracelets as part of its track and trace programme.

Iraq meanwhile has experienced a new rise in Covid-19 cases with 2,200 new cases recorded on Wednesday - double Jordan's overall total. 

"We want a safe and secure region. Jordan stands with Iraq in assisting the country to ensure stability and security," Safadi said in a press conference.

The Iraqi counterpart voiced his "appreciation towards Jordan for the attention and care it has given to Iraqis residing in Jordan", The National reported.

The meeting also addressed renewed economic cooperation between Amman and Baghdad after trade between the two countries was frozen due to the coronavirus crisis.

Many Jordanians are struggling to make ends meet after the government imposed one of the toughest lockdowns in the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, the UN has said.

Some businesses have re-opened after a nationwide lockdown was announced on 20 March, leading to a complete freeze on business activity in the country.

Iraq will reactivate oil supplies to Jordan, while a Basra to Aqaba pipeline is also in plans.

Both countries will also work together on tackling the threat posed by the Islamic State group.

"We will work side by side in combating terror through security and defence co-operation," the Iraqi foreign minister said.

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