Jerusalem school damage blamed on Israeli digs

Jerusalem school damage blamed on Israeli digs
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25 March, 2015
Floor collapses in 663-year-old Kilanyia school building, near al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City, as Israeli archaeologists continue nearby excavations.
Israeli excavations are blamed on the damage to the school building [AFP]

A Palestinian school building and a family home in Jerusalem's Old City suffered flooring collapses on Tuesday, as Israeli archaeological excavations continued nearby.

The Kilanyia building, on the Chain Gate road close to al-Aqsa mosque, was left with a two metre-deep hole after the collapse. The nearby home of the Daana family was also damaged. No injuries were reported.

"The Israeli excavations are going on in the area under the house, which caused damage and caving in of the floor of the Daana house," said Palestinian neighbours. "Houses of other neighbouring families were also damaged with cracking and fissuring in the walls."

Israeli officials have frequently denied that excavations have damaged Palestinian property in the area, or the neighbouring al-Aqsa mosque.


The school building lies on an ancient road believed to have been built by Abu Meddain, as it stretches towards Husamuddin Baraka Khan cemetery.

The two-storey property has a Mamluk facade and was built by its namesake, Ibn al-Sahab Kilan, in 1352. It is understood that Kilan is buried nearby.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.