Jerusalem on security lock-down after alleged car-ramming attempt

Jerusalem on security lock-down after alleged car-ramming attempt
Israeli forces have sealed off the entrances to Jerusalem after a car hit a group of soldiers stationed in East Jerusalem.
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02 May, 2018
Israeli Soldiers stationed outside Damascus Gate, East Jerusalem [Getty]
Israeli forces set up check points at all the entry points to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, carrying out extensive searches on vehicles after an unnamed driver allegedly ran his car into Israeli soldiers stationed in East Jerusalem.

A witness told The New Arab that the incident happened near the headquarters of the Israeli police, known as Government House in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, where a group of Israeli soldiers and officers were standing.

No injuries were reported.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the incident was intentional or a result of the driver speeding or losing control of the vehicle by accident.

The driver reportedly escaped, but was later arrested along with a passenger by Israeli forces and detained for questioning. The pair are reportedly residents of East Jerusalem, according to Y-Net News.

The area surrounding the police headquarters in East Jerusalem has been the site of numerous retaliations by Palestinians living under occupation.

The occupied West Bank has seen a spate of car-ramming attacks in recent months, mainly targeting Israeli forces and settlers who live in settlements deemed illegal under international law.

Settler attacks on Palestinians have become commonplace in the West Bank, with settlers often throwing stones, vandalising property and destroying olive trees belonging to local Palestinians. There have been numerous cases of settlers murdering Palestinian locals.

In February, a Palestinian bus driver was assaulted and beaten by a group of Israeli settlers near the West Bank city of Hebron.

Settlers from Hebron are known to be especially prone to violence, yet act with almost total impunity while under the protection of Israeli forces.