Jaish al-Islam 'kills dozens of Syrian regime fighters'

Jaish al-Islam 'kills dozens of Syrian regime fighters'
Scores of Syrian government troops have been killed north of Damascus as they tried to capture a stronghold of the Jaish al-Islam rebel Islamist faction, local sources have said.
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08 February, 2016
At least 50 Syrian government troops have been killed north of Damascus [Getty]
At least 50 regime soldiers were killed on Sunday during clashes with Jaish al-Islam fighters, in the town of Adra north of Damascus, when regime troops attempted to reach a Jaish al-Islam stronghold in Douma, while barrel bombs were dropped on the eastern countryside of Homs.

Sources in the eastern Ghouta area told The New Arab that the clashes between the Jaish al-Islam militia and the regime forces took place on Sunday, "when dozens of Syrian regime soldiers were moving toward Kurdi and Sawwan hills in the south-west of Adra from the 39 Brigade headquarters" in an attempt to open the way to the city of Douma, which is considered to be the stronghold of Jaish al-Islam.

"Jaish al-Islam fighters killed at least 50 regime soldiers during these clashes," added the source. A video released by the group purported to show dead bodies of regime soldiers.

North of Homs had its share of violence as well, when "the air force started its heavy shelling early in the morning", the spokesman of Homs media centre, Mohammad al-Sibai, told The New Arab. Helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the eastern parts of the Homs countryside, he added.

Meanwhile, two Syrian activists who approached US Secretary of State John Kerry during the Geneva peace talks were reportedly sternly rebuked after blaming him for not doing enough to protect civilians in Syria.

Kerry responded: "Don't blame me, go and blame your opposition," according to Middle East Eye