Israel's Netanyahu removes staple Trump image from Twitter account as US ally faces impeachment

Israel's Netanyahu removes staple Trump image from Twitter account as US ally faces impeachment
Just days after US President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, Israel's premier deleted a photo of the two allies from his account's banner image.
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13 January, 2021
The image was removed from the social media account [Twitter]
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has removed a photo showing him and US President Donald Trump from his Twitter account, as his ally continues to face a potential impeachment from office.

The image of the two leaders has been a staple feature of Netanyahu's Twitter account and its removal has prompted social media users to question the Israeli leader's intentions.

The photo was replaced with one showing Netanyahu in the moment he was administered with a Covid-19 vaccine, a innoculation programme that is said to be key to the prime minister's hopes for re-election.

Netanyahu's office has not publicly commented on the removal of the image, but it comes as Trump faces increasing heat from members of Congress calling for his impeachment after allegedly inciting riots at the US Capitol building.

Last week, Netanyahu condemned as "disgraceful" violence at the US Capitol building by supporters of his staunch ally President Donald Trump.

Twitter, among other major social media platforms, also took action against the US president by banning him from using their communication services.

Relations between Israel and its long-term ally moved even closer during the Trump administration, who adopted a more reckless approach than his predecessors in terms of domestic and foreign policy.

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Trump notoriously pulled the US out of a landmark and historic Iran nuclear deal.

He also sparked global and regional outrage after moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the contested holy city of Jerusalem - a move seen as highly detrimental to the peace process.

Trump also green lighted the expansion of Israel's annexation of Palestinian land and refused to condemn the expansion of settlements, deemed illegal under international law.

Most recently, Trump coordinated between several Arab states to normalise relations with Israel.

Though he has previously professed to being a proud supporter of the Israeli state, the incoming US Democrat president has vowed to restore the Iran nuclear deal and get tough on the annexation of Palestinian land.

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