Israel's Netanyahu says the Left are out to get him

Israel's Netanyahu says the Left are out to get him
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu claims there is an orchestrated left-wing media campaign to throw him out of office, as charges of corruption pursue him.
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10 August, 2017
Netanyahu is in the middle of a political storm [Getty]

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that the Left and journalists are out to get him as he faces potentially career-ending corruption investigations.

In a bizarre speech at a Likud Party rally in Tel Aviv, the right-wing leader claimed there was a "left-wing and media campaign" aimed at throwing him out of office.

In front of 3,000 reporters, he cast off claims he and his family have been involved in corruption saying the there is an orchestrated campaign by opponents against him and his party.

"The media has mobilised in an obsessive campaign against my family and me, but you the voters are the ones really targeted... the people are with us," he told the crowd.

It comes after revelations emerged last week that Netanyahu's former chief of staff - who was under investigation for graft cases involving the prime minister - said he would turn state witness.

Ari Harow has reportedly started to supply investigators with information regarding the two of cases.

One is based on suspicions that Netanyahu unlawfully received gifts from wealthy supporters.

Also being looked into are claims he sought to fix a secret deal with the publisher of top-selling daily Yediot Aharonot. This would allegedly see positive coverage of the prime minister in exchange for scaling down the operations of the newspaper's competitor Israel Hayom.

Speculation abounds that the scandal could force Netanyahu to step down, however, his justice minister said this week he could survive the political storm.

Netanyahu recently set his sights on pan-Arab news network Al Jazeeraordering the communications minister to begin the process of closing its offices in Jerusalem and cut cable signals to the channels in Israel and the occupied territories.