Israel's Netanyahu makes provocative Jerusalem visit

Israel's Netanyahu makes provocative Jerusalem visit
Israeli PM Netanyahu visited Jerusalem Wednesday after calm returned to al-Aqsa following the occupation forces storming of Islam's third holiest site.
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16 September, 2015
Palestinians have clashed with Israeli forces as they defended Al-Aqsa. [AFP]
Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu made a provocative visit to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning to inspect the site of a deadly car crash, which Israeli police suspect took place after stones were thrown at the vehicle.

Netanyahu visited the site close to the Sur Baher district south of Jerusalem accompanied by the ministers of defence and interior, a move that many Palestinians consider provocative.  

Netanyahu said on Wednesday that as part of the new "war on stone-throwing," Israel would expand its efforts to encompass not just Jerusalem, but regions of northern and southern Israel as well.

"The oppressive measures that Netanyahu has announced will not break the will people in Jerusalem, who are being killed and oppressed as the al-Aqsa mosque is violated," director of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, Nasser Qaws, told al-Araby al-Jadeed's Arabic service.

     The visit came soon after quiet returned to a contentious Jerusalem holy site Wednesday after three days of clashes.

"The prisons are filling up with hundreds of young people from Jerusalem, who are being tortured and fines are being forced on their parents that are destroying their livelihoods," Qaws added.

Leader in the Palestinian People's Party, Ziad Hamouri, said Netanyahu's comments are "an official declaration of war".

The visit came soon after quiet returned to Al-Aqsa mosque compound after three days of clashes between Muslims and Israeli forces.

Israeli armed forces deployed heavily at the entrance to the compound and adjacent to Al-Aqsa mosque, where Muslim demonstrators have clashed with Israeli forces over the last three days throughout the Jewish new year holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

Police appeared cautious not to inflame the situation by getting too close to the mosque.

Fifteen religious Jewish visitors toured the site early Wednesday, accompanied by Muslim authorities who administer the compound and an Israeli officer. 

Israeli forces stormed  Al-Aqsa mosque compound  sparking condemnations across the Arab and Muslim worlds.