Israelis retreat from illegal settlement, but eye return in the near future

Israelis retreat from illegal settlement, but eye return in the near future
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03 July, 2021
Israeli settlers have been seen leaving the illegal Evyatar settlement in the West Bank, but a review is underway that could establish it as a permanent illegal settlement.
An army post will be erected at the settlement [Getty]

Israeli settlers have been seen quietly withdrawing from an illegal settlement of Evyatar that had been constructed in the occupied West Bank, south of Nablus.

The settlers left on Friday, in smaller groups, rather than in one large convoy, reportedly to avoid giving the Palestinian people a “picture of victory”, according to Ynet News

Before the settlers retreated from the illegal settlement, which is located in the town of Beita, they erected a large star of David on the site. 

The withdrawal of the settlers from the occupied lands happened following a deal that was approved by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defence Minister Benny Gantz

According to the terms of the deal, the illegal settlers will leave the area, but the buildings will remain and an army post will be established. 

While the compromise deal serves as a small win for the Palestinian people, it has opened the door for the state to examine the land and potentially declare it to be suitable for a permanent illegal settlement. 

“The houses are still standing, they exist and are waiting for us for the moment we return. I trust the tests that are done about this place, and know that there is no reason not to decide to return,” Ayelet Schlissl, who lived in the outpost with her husband and five daughters, told Haaretz

 It is clear to me that the other party to the agreement, certainly if that party is the Israeli government, will comply with it,” she added. 

The plans for a permeant illegal settlement were not submitted to the cabinet, due to approval of the prime minister and defence minister is all that is needed for the illegal settlement to be authorised. 

In opposition to the illegal settlement, Palestinians have submitted an appeal to the attorney general, demanding that no approval is given. 

In their petition, they stated that such an approval would represent a “surrender to aggressive invaders and the granting of a reward to construction criminals.”

The presence of the illegal settlers has sparked clashed between Palestinian youths and Israeli occupation forces. 

Following protests after Friday prayers, Israeli forces fired live rounds and tear gas in an attempt to suppress the Palestinians.