Israeli volunteers allegedly fighting for Ukrainian forces against Russia

Israeli volunteers allegedly fighting for Ukrainian forces against Russia
Unconfirmed videos of Israeli volunteers in Ukraine thanking Israel for supporting Ukraine against the invading Russian forces are spreading on social media.
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28 April, 2022
Videos appearing to depict Israeli volunteers fighting in Ukraine are spreading on social media [Getty]

Unconfirmed videos of what appear to be Israelis fighting for Ukraine against the Russian invasion have been circulating on social media over the past few days.

One clip depicts volunteers from Israel thanking the Israeli people for their support against the Russian invasion.

According to the Jerusalem Post, one of the fighters in this clip said "we want to give many thanks to all the nation of Israel, to the government of Israel, for helping us while we can fight against the Russians, in this difficult war."

“When Russia started this war against us, you stood with us and so we want to give our thanks for your support and are standing with you at this difficult time,” said another in a different clip, as reported in The Times of Israel.

“We are sure that our countries will be able to defeat the enemy and end the terror.”

It is unknown if the people who appear in these videos are Israelis who have travelled from the Middle East or dual Israeli-Ukrainian citizens.

Israel has declined to send weapons to Ukraine to aid its fight against Russia, in an attempt to distance itself from the war.

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Foreign fighters from dozens of countries have flocked to Ukraine to enlist in the army fighting against the Russian invasion.

Ukraine has formed a special foreign legion division for foreign volunteers, which Kyiv claims have come from more than 52 countries.

The Russian invasion has so far killed thousands and forced at least 11 million to flee their homes.