Israeli aggression against Palestinian protesters as court 'defers' Silwan expulsion ruling

Israeli aggression against Palestinian protesters as court 'defers' Silwan expulsion ruling
A boy of 15 was reportedly physically assaulted and arrested during protests outside an Israeli court in Jerusalem. The court had a hearing in the appeal of Palestinians facing expulsion in Silwan.
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26 May, 2021
Protesters had come to support Silwan families facing expulsion [AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty]

Protesters were met with violence by Israeli forces outside a court hearing an appeal of the expulsion of Palestinians from Batn Al-Hawa, a neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem's Silwan.

Israel's Jerusalem Central Court "deferred" its ruling for the attorney general to be informed about the matter, according to Palestinian outlet AlQastal.

The new court date has not been scheduled.

Outside the courtroom, Israeli forces used violence against dozens of demonstrators supporting the neighbourhood's families, totalling 700 individuals, whose homes are at risk of settler takeover by Israeli settlers.

AlQastal reported that a boy of 15 was assaulted and arrested.

Arabi21 said an detained protester received serious facial injuries.

Both outlets reported physical assaults on demonstrators, with AlQastal saying they refused to stop their protests.

The media site added that they brought placards with messages including, "No to deportation" and referring to "Our Nakba in Silwan".

However, protests were not confined to the streets.

Activists have taken to social media with hashtags such as "#SaveSilwan" in English and Arabic, with many connecting the expulsion threats to those in Sheikh Jarrah.

Mohammed El-Kurd, a well-known Sheikh Jarrah resident, posted pictures on Twitter he said were of Israeli actions against demonstrators.

They show Palestinians being led away by police, with one appearing to have blood on his face.

El-Kurd wrote: "Colonial violence in the form of police brutality is an everyday occurr[ence] under Zionist rule. #SaveSilwan #SaveSheikhJarrah".

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Amnesty International demanded the evictions in Silwan are stopped.

The human rights organisation's deputy MENA director, Saleh Higazi, said: "This is yet another illustration of Israel's criminal policy of forced displacement of Palestinians in motion."

Meanwhile, in Sheikh Jarrah on Wednesday, the Israeli authorities painted over messages written on the neighbourhood's walls in support of at-risk families, which included their names, Arabi21 reported.

The news site added that ongoing measures to restrict access to Sheikh Jarrah have been strengthened.