Israeli troops kill two Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem

Israeli troops kill two Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem
Two Palestinians were killed in clashes between Israeli forces and residents of Qalandia refugee camp, after more than 1000 Israeli troops stormed the camp to demolish a Palestinian prisoner's home.
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16 November, 2015
Israeli forces demolished the home of a Palestinian prisoner, Qalandia - 16 November 2015 [AFP/Getty]
Two Palestinians were shot dead and dozens were wounded by Israeli forces on Monday morning at Qalandia refugee camp, in northern Jerusalem, when the occupation forces stormed the camp and demolished the home of a Palestinian prisoner.

The Israeli forces shot and killed Ahmad Abu al-Aish Mozah (30) and Laith Asaad Munasira al-Shoani (20) during violent clashed at Qalandia refugee camp, and their bodies were taken to the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah. Dozens of the camp's residents were also wounded, three of them sustaining medium to critical wounds.

Israeli forces claimed that Palestinians opened fire at them before they returned the fire, hitting three Palestinians.

Qalandia Media Centre reported that the Israeli forces "abducted injured [teenager] Yusuf Abu Latifa (17) from inside a Palestinian ambulance," and that some Israelis pretending to be Arabs kidnapped one of the armed residents of the camp.

Local sources from inside the camp told al-Araby al-Jadeed that four Israeli soldiers were wounded in the clashes and that one of them may have been killed.

Israeli forces demolished the home of Palestinian prisoner Mohammad Abu Shaheen who is accused of killing an Israeli settler and wounding another in an Israeli settlement west of Ramallah.

Other buildings in the camp were damaged when the Israeli forces blew up Abu Shaheen's home, and a nearby house belonging to the Abu Shahham family collapsed as a result.

The forces stormed the camp at dawn on Monday backed by more than 1000 troops. They entered the camp from all directions after blocking all the roads that led to it and posted snipers on the rooftops.

The troops fired tear gas at several Palestinian ambulances and attacked their crews. Locals described the camp as a war zone.

At least 83 Palestinians and 14 Israelis have been killed since the beginning of October.