Israeli troops kill Palestinian in occupied West Bank

Israeli troops kill Palestinian in occupied West Bank
A young Palestinian has been shot dead by Israeli forces on Monday after allegedly stabbing a soldier in the West Bank, as tensions remain high in the occupied territories.
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26 October, 2015
Palestinians say the violence is the result of nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation [Getty]

A young Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces in the southern West Bank on Monday.

The young Palestinian was later identified as Raed Jarradat, in his 20's, from the village Sair, north of the West Bank town of Hebron. He died on the ground in the Beit Einun junction east of Hebron.

Local sources told al-Araby al-Jadeed that Israeli soldiers fired more than a "dozen bullets at a young man and left him lying on the ground for more than an hour without giving him treatment or allowing the ambulance crew of the Palestine Red Crescent Society to approach him or help him."


The Israeli army said that one of their soldiers was evacuated for emergency medical care after he was stabbed in the neck and severely wounded.

Eyewitnesses told reporters at the scene that the young man "tried to stab an Israeli soldier several times and wounded him before other soldiers chased after him and fired a hail of bullets at him.

On Sunday, a 17-year-old Palestinian girl was shot dead while allegedly trying to knife Israeli border police in Hebron.

Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces erupted at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque compound in September fuelled by fears that Israel was plotting to take over the compound which is Islam's third-holiest shrine and a key national symbol for the Palestinians.

Palestinians say the violence is the result of nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation, more than two decades of failed peace efforts and a lack of hope for gaining independence anytime soon.

Clashes at al-Aqsa spiralled into a wave of attacks against Israelis, leaving eight dead since the beginning of October. One Israeli Jew and one Eritrean have also been killed after being mistaken for attackers.

Monday's shooting brings the number of Palestinians killed in attempted "attacks" and in clashes to 54.

In addition to this, Israeli occupation forces have arrested more than 1,000 Palestinians since the October 1 surge in violence, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said Sunday.

Most of them were young men and women, the Ramallah-based aid group said.

Most arrests - 221 - occurred in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, a regular flashpoint where some 500 Jewish settlers live under heavy protection.

Next was Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem with 201, followed by the West Bank city of Ramallah with 138.

Among those arrested, 87 were placed in administrative detention, a measure which allows imprisonment without trial for six-month periods renewable indefinitely.

A further 160 Palestinian citizens of Israel were arrested in connection with unrest, the group said.