Israeli soldier shoots Gaza teenager waving at border, video shows

Israeli soldier shoots Gaza teenager waving at border, video shows
The teenager died from his wounds on Saturday, a day after he was shot. Israel's military said it would investigate the death.
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09 September, 2018
The video reportedly Ahmad Abu Tayoor waving at the border before he was shot [Getty]
A Gazan teenager was shot by an Israeli soldier while he was waving his hands at the border, a video has shown.

Ahmad Abu Tayoor, 17, died on Saturday from wounds sustained after he was shot late Friday on the border close to the southern city of Rafah.

A video on social media and shared by Quds News Network shows the teenager throwing a rock towards Israeli soldiers from a long distance. He then begins waving his hands in their direction for about ten seconds before he was shot. 

Palestinians are demonstrating for their right to return to their homeland and for an end to the stifling decade-long Israel-Egypt blockade on the Palestinian enclave.

Israel has been condemned by human rights groups and the UN for its "wholly" disproportionate use of live ammunition against unarmed protesters along the border. Palestinians, whose actions have not constituted an imminent threat to life or deadly injury against Israeli troops, have been shot in the back, chest, head and limbs by Israeli soldiers who have shown little attempt to minimise casualties. 

At least 175 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza since regular Friday protests began on 30 March. One Israeli soldier has been killed by sniper fire in that period.

The Israeli army shot dead another 17-year-old Palestinian on Friday and wounded at least 45 others, Gaza's health ministry said.

The military said in a statement on Saturday that it was opening an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the two young protesters.