Israeli settlers 'still building' as departure from Mount Sabih looms

Israeli settlers 'still building' as departure from Mount Sabih looms
Although Israeli settlers agreed to depart Givat Eviatar, some have made known their intention to continue building up until they leave.
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01 July, 2021
Palestinian protesters have turned to 'night confusion' at Mount Sabih [JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP/Getty]

Israeli settlers who have agreed with their government to leave an illegal settlement on top of the West Bank's Mount Sabih are continuing to build on the site.

Their promise to go was reportedly secured as part of a pact that could still see settlement permitted after a probe into Palestinian private property rights, The Times of Israel reported.

Israel's West Bank settlements are all illegal under international law, however, Givat Eviatar has been acknowledged as illegal even by Tel Aviv.

Although the majority on Mount Sabih were preparing to depart, Haaretz said on Thursday some were still toiling and even building.

The Israeli daily said these settlers made known their intention to keep on building up to the point they are supposed to leave – Friday.

They explained that they intend to depart, should the move go ahead.

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Moreover, Haaretz said Givat Eviatar's illegal inhabitants have asserted that, despite claims in the media, there would not be a military base created at there.

They said the soldier's ongoing involvement in the area would be limited to looking after the settlement its structures.

Some living at Givat Eviatar were against the deal reached with the government.

Among these, one lamented: "There are many holes in it, there is no commitment to a timetable or an explanation of what will happen. It could all collapse".

Some are also wary of the fact the authorities have not yet explained if they plan to have a verbal or more concrete, written accord.

Meanwhile, Palestinians from neighbouring Beita have turned to so-called "night confusion", seeking to throw the settlers into disarray, including by burning tyres and shining lasers.

There is not, however, any evidence this has caused the settlers to decide to depart.

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