Palestinians accuse Israeli settlers of West Bank arson that damaged family home

Palestinians accuse Israeli settlers of West Bank arson that damaged family home
The fire targeting the Awashreh family home in Sinjel, West Bank, is the latest in a series of violent incidents carried out by Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied territory.
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Palestinian towns and villages are often the sites of Israeli settler violence [Getty]

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry accused "Jewish terrorist elements" of an arson attack against a family home in the occupied West Bank on Sunday.

Fears in the West Bank have increased as Palestinians mark the Muslim holy month of Ramadan amid a surge of Israeli violence, including a number of killings by Israeli forces in the towns of Jenin and Nablus, as well as harassment and vandalism in the town of Hawara.

No one was hurt in the predawn fire in Sinjel. Ahmed Awashreh, the owner of the home that was badly damaged, said he was woken by the sound of a window smashing and managed to get his four children and wife out before the flames spread.

"It was so close. I'm happy I saved my family," he said.

A Sinjel resident who requested anonymity told Reuters he saw cars whose occupants he recognised as Jewish settlers nearby minutes before the incident.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry blamed the incident on "Jewish terrorist elements". Meanwhile, Israeli police claim that the fire "was mostly likely caused due to a short circuit and not a deliberate ignition".

Israeli settlements, which take up land Palestinians seek for a state, are considered illegal under international law.

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Palestinians in the occupied territories are experiencing an increased surge in Israeli violence in recent months. More than 80 Palestinians, including 16 children, have been killed in raids conducted in the West Bank, namely Jenin and Nablus. 

The brutality, described by Palestinians as the "bloodiest months" in recent Palestinian memory, has been condemned by rights groups.