Israeli settlers attack peace activists in West Bank

Israeli settlers attack peace activists in West Bank
Video footage shows masked settlers attacking a group of peace activists accompanying Palestinian shepherds in the West Bank.
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22 April, 2017
Over a dozen masked Israeli settlers attacked peace activists with rocks and clubs [Screen grab]
Over a dozen masked Israeli settlers attacked Jewish peace activists with rocks and clubs on Friday in the occupied West Bank.

Video footage filmed by an Israeli human rights organisation shows a large group of young radical settlers from the Baladim outpost charging at the activists, who were accompanying local Palestinian shepherds to protect them from settler violence.

The clip shows the settlers descend from a hilltop and proceed to throw stones and beat the activists with clubs.

One settler can be seen striking prominent Israeli peace activist Rabbi Arik Ashcerman on the back of the head with a stick.

At least five activists from the grassroots movement Ta'ayush were injured in the attack, including one with a broken arm, Israeli news site +972 reported.

The incident took place in the Jordan Valley, an area of land forming over a third of the occupied West Bank.

Settler violence against Palestinians is routine and targets Palestinian farmers and civilian property in an attempt to destroy livelihoods and intimidate communities.

Over 90 percent of settler attacks go unpunished by Israeli authorities.

Baladim is a radical Jewish settler outpost home to a large number of young extremists who do not maintain links with the mainstream settler movement.

There are around 100 unauthorised settler outposts in the occupied West Bank, in addition to more than 140 Israeli government approved settlements housing around 400,000 Jewish settlers.

Settlements have grown for decades under every Israeli government, but the settler movement is particularly powerful in the current right-wing coalition led by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

All Israeli settlements are considered illegal under international law.