Israeli settler injured in West Bank shooting by Palestinian group

Israeli settler injured in West Bank shooting by Palestinian group
A Palestinian group in the West Bank shot and wounded an Israeli settler shortly after the death in custody of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan.
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02 May, 2023
Israel has killed over 100 Palestinians since the start of 2023 [Getty/archive]

Palestinian fighters said on Tuesday they carried out a shooting in the West Bank in response to continued Israeli attacks in the occupied territory and East Jerusalem.

The Rapid Response Group - affiliated to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade - said they shot at Israeli settlers near Tulkarm in the northern West Bank, confirming injuries.

"We do not mourn our martyrs silently. If our blood is shed in any part of the earth, our lions and soldiers will mobilise to take revenge," the group said in a statement.

"By the grace of God, our soldiers were able to carry out a qualitative operation on the road to the Avnei Hefetz settlement established on the lands of Tulkarm, and they opened fire on a car in which settlers were traveling, and we confirm that there were direct casualties."

The Tulkarm armed group warned the Israelis they will respond to any attack on Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem "with blood".

It was not clear if they were referring to a specific incident or Israel's repeated harassment and attacks on Palestinian worshippers at the religious site.

Israel's Army Radio confirmed that the Tuesday shooting did result in the light wounding of a 39-year-old Israeli man who was taken to hospital for treatment.

Israeli media said the army was searching for the shooter who fired at three cars.

The shooting came shortly after the death of Palestinian prisoner and hunger striker Khader Adnan in Israeli custody was announced, which led to rocket fire from Gaza.

He is the 237th Palestinian prisoner to die in Israeli detention since 1967.

Over 100 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and Israeli settlers since the start of this year alone.