Israeli prime minister's wife Sara Netanyahu faces lawsuit over 'housekeeper abuse'

Israeli prime minister's wife Sara Netanyahu faces lawsuit over 'housekeeper abuse'
A woman has filed a $64,000 civil suit against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, who is accused of 'abusing' her housekeeper.
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28 October, 2017
Sara Netanyahu has been called out on allegations of abuse and corruption [AFP]
The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu faces a legal challenge from a former housekeeper over allegations of abuse. 

Israeli news outlet Yediot Ahronot on Friday said a woman has filed a $64,000 civil suit against Sara Netanyahu, claiming she was abused during her service in the house.

The prime minister on Facebook called the suit "an extortion attempt", claiming it's the "same system, same lies, the same newspaper and the same lawyer" as other allegations against the family.

A number of former employees have claimed mistreatment during their time serving the Netanyahus who deny any wrongdoing. They have dismissed the allegations as a political witch hunt by hostile media.

Sara Netanyahu has long been plagued by allegations of allegedly squabbling with staff and meddling in state affairs.

Last year, a court ruled that she abused a worker, awarding him $42,000 in damages.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Israeli police faced off in a rare public dispute mid-October, over an intensifying graft probe that has led to speculation on whether he will eventually be forced from office.

Netanyahu lashed out at the police on his Facebook page late on Saturday, over leaks to the Israeli media, related to the graft investigation.

That prompted a stern response from the police, who have been probing gifts Netanyahu allegedly received from wealthy supporters, as well as suspicions he sought a secret deal with the publisher of a top-selling newspaper.