Israeli police questioned, suspended over 'Star of David' branding on Palestinian

Israeli police questioned, suspended over 'Star of David' branding on Palestinian
The questioning follows from an official complaint filed by the victim, Arawa Sheikh Ali.
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14 September, 2023
Israeli police claimed that the markings on Ali's face occurred as a result of them having to forcefully detain him and claimed it came as a result of his aggressive behavior [Getty]

Six Israeli police officers were questioned over their involvement in the alleged branding of the Star of David on a Palestinian detainee last month.

After questioning, some of the officers were also suspended from service for a limited time, according to Israeli news outlet Ynet. It is not known how many officers were suspended.

The questioning followed an official complaint that was made by detainee Arawa Sheikh Ali who was arrested during a raid on his house in the Shu'fat refugee camp near Jerusalem.

The raid, which involved 16 police officers, lacked any body camera footage from any of the officers.

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Following the accusations of the branding police claimed that the marks and bruising were the result of having to forcefully arrest Ali because he became violent.

Ali has since said that the police "handcuffed me by the hands and feet and covered my eyes before making a mark on my check. A policeman applied a taser to my head, I felt something hot on my face".

Following his arrest, Israeli judicial officials released Ali on house arrest on the basis that there were no grounds to keep him in detention under the current circumstances surrounding his accusations.

Judicial officials also called for an investigation into the incident. 

According to Ynet, further questioning of police officers will occur in the coming days.