Israel police to establish permanent presence in UAE

Israel police to establish permanent presence in UAE
Israeli police are to move into the Dubai consulate where they run operations targeting organised criminals who have moved to the UAE since normalisation.
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24 September, 2021
Notorious gangsters are thought to have made the move to the UAE [Getty]

Israel is to establish a permanent police presence in the United Arab Emirates, in a move touted as being part of efforts to combat Israeli-run organised crime, according to The Telegraph

It is believed that a number of organised criminal operations moved to the UAE in the wake of the normalisation agreements between Israel and the Gulf state, which were signed in September 2020. 

Notorious families, such as the Hariri and Chaya families, are thought to have made the move, and have been reportedly controlling prostitution, drug dealing, and money laundering rackets in the country. 

According to The Telegraph, the Israeli police detachment will run its operations from the Consulate in Dubai

The intention to establish an Israeli police presence in the Gulf nation was first raised in March, when former Interior Minister Amir Ohana announced that Israel would help the UAE rid themselves of the “unwanted guests” that had moved following normalisation. 

“The representatives of the Israel Police on Emirati soil will strengthen and deepen these ties, for the benefit of both sides and for the well-being of the residents of the countries,” Ohana said. 

Despite the Israeli police presence in the country, the two nations have no extradition treaty between them, although it is believed that they are working together to track down the gangsters. 

Among those who have made the move since normalisation is Eran Chaya, the son of notorious mafia don Eitan Chaya, who is also known as “Israeli Godfather” in New York. 


Eran Chaya is thought to control an extensive criminal network between Latin America and the Middle East, and is reportedly seeking to include the UAE in his territory. 

Also thought to have made the move is two members of the Palestinian Israeli Hariri family.

The Hariri family have been tied to money laundering operations and the trafficking of drugs and weapons. 

According to police sources who spoke to The Telegraph, one of the family members was seen attending parties at a villa, which is said to be popular with gangsters. 

Israel and the UAE normalised relations one year ago, with the agreement hailed as an opportunity for close collaboration and new business and trading ties. The move was rejected by all Palestinian factions as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people.