Israeli opposition leader 'wants Palestinian state' for Israeli security

Israeli opposition leader 'wants Palestinian state' for Israeli security
Israel's Labor leader said he wants a Palestinian state for the sake of Israel's security.
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14 July, 2019
Amir Peretz is Israel's Labor leader [AFP]

Israel’s Labor leader said he is willing to “fight” for a Palestinian state, not for Palestinians, but for the security of Israel.

"Peace can also serve the poor, because peace will bring prosperity and economy,” Amir Peretz said on Saturday.

“I raise the banner of peace and the banner of social justice - they go together."

Israel will head to polls for the second time this year in a matter of weeks.

After elections in April, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attempted to form a governing coalition with religious and nationalist allies, but failed to cobble together a parliamentary majority amid infighting between allies.

Rather than give his main rival a chance to build a government, Netanyahu's Likud party instead pushed through a measure to dissolve the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and send the country to unprecedented repeat elections in September.

Netanyahu now seeks to score a decisive electoral victory in the face of possible indictment on corruption charges.

Israel's attorney general has already recommended Netanyahu be indicted, but under Israeli law, Netanyahu is entitled to defend himself at a hearing before formal charges are filed.

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