Israeli military training exercises simulate war with Lebanon

Israeli military training exercises simulate war with Lebanon
Israel has carried out training exercises simulating war with Lebanon as they established a new liaison unit for the Golan Heights.
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29 May, 2016
There have been recent reports of Hizbollah establishing watchtowers near the border [Getty]
The Israeli army has carried out training exercises that simulate war with Lebanon, according to Israeli Channel 2.  Scenarios in the exercises included Israel coming under intense rocket attacks and infiltrations into the Israeli border.  

The exercises will also simulate an evacuation process of tens of thousands of Israelis to settlements in central and south Israel to shelter from rocket attacks.  

Israeli estimates put Hizballah's arsal at around 100,000 rockets.

There have been several reports of residents of border settlements - such as Zareit settlement - hearing tunnels being dug beneath their homes.  

Israeli authorities also expressed concern in the last week of Hizballah erected watchtowers off the Israeli borders.

Hizballah recently came under criticism for blaming the assassination of commander Mostafa Badredinne on Syrian rebels - a move that some said was an attempt to avoid confrontation with Israel.  

Over the weekend Israeli media reports also revealed the Israeli media is establishing a special liaison unit purportedly to maintain communications with Syrian civilians living across Israel’s northeastern border in the Golan Heights.

The area is held by various rebel factions including al-Nusra front and the Islamic State-affiliated al-Yarmouk Martyrs Brigades.