Israeli mayors ban Palestinians from working on construction sites

Israeli mayors ban Palestinians from working on construction sites
Palestinian workers have repeatedly been discriminated against and had their rights violated by Israeli authorities
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31 March, 2022
Palestinian workers have been barred from working at construction sites by several municipalities in Israel [Getty]

Multiple Israeli municipalities have ordered the suspension of construction work by Palestinian labourers, according to reports.

The move was announced after a Palestinian gunman killed five people before being shot dead by Israeli forces in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

The mayor of Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv has reportedly asked building contractors to ensure they cease to “rely on Arab labour”, adding that he would punish contractors who do not comply. Multiple other towns have reportedly barred construction and gardening at public schools – two professions in which most workers are Palestinian, according to Haaretz.

Palestinian cleaning staff in educational institutions have been asked to come into work after hours as Israeli parents fear for their children’s safety.

Israeli forces launched raids in Jenin and other parts of the occupied Palestinian Territories on Thursday, killing two people and arresting more than a dozen Palestinians in response to the attack, while Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called on Israelis with gun licenses to carry and use their firearms.

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This is not the first time Palestinian workers in Israel have been targeted with discriminatory policies.  In 2020, Israeli authorities announced measures prohibiting Palestinians from returning to their homes in the West Bank under the guise of measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.