Israeli-hit Damascus airport to reopen on Thursday

Israeli-hit Damascus airport to reopen on Thursday
Damascus Airport is due to reopen on Thursday, nearly two weeks after Israeli strikes on its runways rendered it unusable
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The Israeli airstrike rendered Damascus Airport's runways unusable [Getty]

Damascus Airport is due to reopen on Thursday, almost two weeks after Israeli strikes rendered its runways unusable, the Syrian regime's transport ministry said.

Syrian regime authorities had to suspend flights and undertake major repairs after Israeli air strikes on June 10 had damaged the runways, the control tower, reception rooms and hangars.

"Damascus International Airport is back in service as of tomorrow," the Syrian transport ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

Besides the extensive damage caused to civilian and military runways, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said the strikes had targeted nearby warehouses used as weapons depots by Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah.

Since the Syrian conflict broke out in 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes against its northern neighbour.

The raids have targeted Syrian regime troops as well as allied Iran-backed forces and fighters from the Lebanese Shia militant group Hezbollah.

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The Syrian conflict started with the brutal repression of peaceful protests by the Assad regime and escalated to pull in foreign powers and jihadists.

Russia's military intervention in 2015 helped turn the war in favour of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

The conflict has claimed the lives of over half a million people, most of them killed in Assad regime bombardment of civilian areas, and forced around half of the country's pre-war population from their homes.