Israeli forces partially demolish home of Palestinian family

Israeli forces partially demolish home of Palestinian family
A second Palestinian home has been destroyed in the West Bank by Israeli forces.
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17 December, 2018
Israeli forces have demolished a second home in the West Bank [Anadolu]

Israel demolished parts of a home of a Palestinian on Monday accused of killing two Israelis two months ago, agencies reported.

The house itself, located in a West Bank village close to Tulkarem, was left intact while a part of its interior was destroyed by bulldozers, AP claimed.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA named the suspect as Ashraf Naalweh, and said the first floor of his home was demolished.

Protesters arrived at the scene, while schools in the area were cancelled due to the Israeli military presence, as soldiers used bulldozers to demolish the home.

Clashes between the two sides erupted shortly after the demolition, AP reported.

"What Israel has committed today in Shweikeh is a collective punishment and an act of vengeance," said Palestinian Authority spokesperson Yousef al-Mahmoud said in a statement. 

Naalweh is accused of killing two Israelis at a West Bank industrial zone in October with the suspect killed during an Israeli raid last week.

On Saturday, the home of another Palestinian in the West Bank was destroyed by Israeli forces, sparking clashes. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the expedited demolition of the family homes of suspected militants.

The international community view the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories as illegal, while the demolition of the homes of suspected attackers are viewed as a form of collective punishment.

Palestinians said that the military does little or nothing to stop armed Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank.

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