Video: Israeli forces filmed firing stun grenade at couple holding infant

Video: Israeli forces filmed firing stun grenade at couple holding infant
Israeli forces were caught on film launching a stun grenade at a Palestinian couple holding a baby, amid a spate of violent settler attacks against villagers in the West Bank
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04 March, 2018
A couple is seen running away with their baby while soldiers fire at them [Facebook]
New video footage emerged on Friday showing Israeli border police officers firing a stun grenade at a couple fleeing the scene holding their young child at a northern West Bank village.

Burin, near Nablus, was stormed by Israeli forces on Friday afternoon, who attacked fired tear gas and stun grenades at a group of youths gathered after noticing two Israelis approaching the village from the nearby settlement of Givat Ronen.

One tear gas canister was fired into a family home where several family members subsequently suffered from gas inhalation, according to rights group Yesh Din, who also published the video.
Activists said the video demonstrates yet another example of the Israeli army employing indiscriminate and inappropriate force against Palestinians, including minors, in the West Bank.

Settlers from Givat Ronen and nearby settlements bordering Nablus have been known to throw stones at neighbouring Palestinians and set fire to homes and olive groves.

Yesh Din also noted that recent weeks have seen a spate of attacks perpetrated by settlers from the notorious Yitzhak settlement, also near Nablus, against residents of Burin.

The organisation said they settlers had thrown stones at houses in Burin and one had even shot a pistol in the air. 

Several days earlier, an unknown assailant had attacked a Palestinian shepherd from the village of Einabus, just south of Burin, and slaughtered five sheep.