Israeli forces attack Palestinians commemorating Ibrahimi Mosque massacre anniversary

Israeli forces attack Palestinians commemorating Ibrahimi Mosque massacre anniversary
Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli-American far-right extremist, killed 29 Palestinians and injured 125 more on February 25 1994.
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25 February, 2023
The Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron is the fourth holiest site in the world for Muslims [Getty]

Israeli forces violently attacked a crowd of Palestinians marking the 29th anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre on Friday.

Scores of Palestinians were injured across different parts of the occupied West Bank, particularly in Hebron - the site of the 1994 atrocity - according to the Palestinian Wafa agency.

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Israeli soldiers cracked down on the rally in Hebron by throwing gas cannisters, grenades and firing live ammunition in a bid to break up the demonstrations.

In a statement, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said that its crews dealt with three injuries, two of which due to stun grenades, while the other was as a result of being hit with rubber-coated metal bullets.

One injury was described as serious, with the victim suffering cerebral bleeding due to a hit to the head. The victim is believed to be Fatah Revolutionary Council member Osama al-Qawasmi.

Many others suffered from tear gas suffocations, as a result.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Shehab News Agency said that rallies in rememberence of the victims of the massacre are also planned for Saturday.

The demonstration was also carried out to denounce the ongoing Israeli violence in the West Bank, notably the recent Israeli attacks in Nablus which killed 11 Palestinians on Monday, in what was described as a massacre.

Another Palestinian, off-duty police officer Mohammed Jawabreh, died on Friday after he succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained after he was shot by an Israeli sniper the day pior, in the Al-Aroub camp north of Hebron.

The Ibrahimi Mosque massacre was carried out on 24 February 1994 by Israeli-American extremist and far-right Kach party member Baruch Goldstein. Goldstein opened fire on Muslim worshippers at the mosque, killing 29 people. A further 125 people were also wounded in the attack.

The mosque, located in the Old City of Hebron, is the second most holiest site in Palestine. Palestinians in Hebron are subjected to discrimination by occupying Israeli forces, including through bans on entering certain streets, including the famed Al-Shuhada Street, where many Palestinians had businesses.

The massacre also coincided with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and was condemned by the international community.

The city of Hebron is home to around 160,000 Palestinians and about 850 Jewish settlers who live in compounds heavily guarded by Israeli forces.