Israeli, Emirati firms announce joint Covid-19 treatment project

Israeli, Emirati firms announce joint Covid-19 treatment project
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03 October, 2020
First in line for the group's joint project list is a treatment for Covid-19 administered via a nebuliser.
The two firms will work on a treatment for the novel coronavirus [Getty]
An Israeli medical firm has announced several new joint projects with an Emirati cell research centre, including one that aims to develop a potential treatment for Covid-19.

The announcement comes as Israel and the United Arab Emirates solidify ties following a controversial normalisation deal in August.
Israeli Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI,) and Emirati Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC) revealed the joint projects at the Malta Conferences Foundation, an international conference that describes itself as using "science as a bridge to peace in the Middle East".
"I am delighted by the opportunity to convene this important meeting," Prof. Zafra Lerman, President of Malta Conferences Foundation, was quoted by local Israeli media as saying.

"The Malta Conferences are the only platform in the world where scientists from 15 Middle East countries, Morocco and Pakistan can get together under the same roof with several Nobel Laureates."

First in line for the group's joint project list is a treatment for Covid-19 using Pluristem's placental expended (PLX) cells. The PLX cells, which are developed from human placenta and will be administered to Covid-19 patients using a nebuliser.
The Abu Dhabi-based ADSCC says it has treated Covid-19 patients using stem cells sourced from the patient’s own blood and administered via a nebuliser.
"We were very honored to unveil our first joint projects with the ADSCC at the Malta Conferences Foundation," Pluristem CEO and President Yaky Yanay was quoted as saying.

The UAE is the first Gulf state and third Arab nation to have full diplomatic relations with Israel after Egypt and Jordan.

Despite reports the deal halted Israel's controversial plan to annex part of the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed his government's continued commitment to the annexation plan.

Palestinian groups denounced the deal, saying it does nothing to serve the Palestinian cause and ignores the rights of Palestinians.

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