Israeli drone crashes in southern Lebanon

Israeli drone crashes in southern Lebanon
An Israeli reconnaissance drone crashed in southern Lebanon due to a technical fault, Israeli military confirmed.
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31 March, 2018
An Israeli unmanned "spy plane" crash landed in southern Lebanon on Saturday morning, state news agency al-Manar reported.

The plane crashed in the area of Khalit Maryam between the villages of Baraachit and Beit Yahoun, 115 kilometres south of Beirut.

The Israeli military confirmed the incident, saying that one of its drones has crashed in southern Lebanon because of a technical failure.

The military says Saturday's incident is being investigated but that there was no risk of any sensitive information being leaked.

Israel typically uses its unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct surveillance and gather intelligence along its borders. The drones have become a regular part of modern warfare and Israel in February shot down an Iranian one that infiltrated its airspace.

In September, Israel shot down a Hizballah surveillance drone that veered too close to the Syrian border with Israel. The military said the unmanned aircraft was Iranian-made and launched from a Damascus airport before it was shot down near the Israeli-controlled side of the Golan Heights.

Israel and Hizballah fought a month long war in 2006.

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