Israeli court cancels 'illegal male-only' concert

Israeli court cancels 'illegal male-only' concert
A Haifa district court has banned a male-only concert organised by two ultra-Orthdox Jewish singers.
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27 August, 2019
The concert was supposed to take place in Haifa [Getty]

An Israeli court ordered a male-only concert to be shut down, which was held on Sunday at the coastal city of Haifa.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish singers Mordechai Ben David and Motty Steinmetz were set to perform and was initially going to take place in Haifa with the municipality funding the concert.

A district court in Haifa later overturned the funding, saying closing doors to women - most likely on religious grounds - was a form of discrimination.

"When closing doors of an auditorium to women there needs to be a legal and factual basis for the decision," Judge Avraham Elikim said in his decision. "Such a basis was not presented by the municipality."

"The ultra-Orthodox public in Haifa is entitled to funding for cultural activities like every other public group, but when it comes to public money, there is a need to act in accordance with instructions from the attorney general and the government," he added.

"It's important to remember that in regards to the entrance to public places, there is a law that forbids discrimination in products, services and entrances to entertainment venues and public areas," Elikim explained.