Israeli settler with coronavirus arrested for 'attempting to spread disease' on public bus

Israeli settler with coronavirus arrested for 'attempting to spread disease' on public bus
Israeli media on Monday said an Israeli settler with Covid-19 attempted to spread the virus on a bus, leading to his arrest.
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06 April, 2020
Thousands have died from the virus across the world [Getty]

An Israeli settler who tested positive for the novel coronavirus has been arrested, accused of attempting to spread the disease on a public bus, Israeli media reported.

The suspect from the Betar Elit settlement was arrested on Sunday on his was to Jerusalem, The Times of Israel reported. He was charged with desertion after his family had notified police about his disappearance during quarantine.

Israeli police confirmed the suspect was diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus and transferred for interrogation.

Israeli media said the suspect had recently returned from abroad and was aware of his positive diagnosis with the disease.

He faces up to seven years in prison for endangering public health, according to reports.

The reports follow warnings by the Palestine Liberation Organisation [PLO] authorities on Monday, stating that Israeli settlements across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem have become epicentres for the coronavirus in the country.

Last week, reports emerged of Israeli settlers spitting on Palestinian cars in the village of Beit Iksa, northwest of East Jerusalem, in what locals fear was an attempt to spread the deadly novel coronavirus.

The settlers from Ramot on Tuesday evening reportedly spat at cars driven by Palestinians, entering and leaving the village.

Local Palestinians say the Isrealis were trying to spread coronavirus after a number of the settler population were tested positive with the deadly disease.

Palestinian youth chased the settlers away after confronting them. They then began to disinfect the road and cars to prevent an outbreak.

Israel has been widely condemned for its treatment of Palestinians during the coronavirus lockdown and a "medical apartheid" in treatment between Arab and Jewish Israelis.

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