Israeli authorities remove 'pooping Netanyahu' statue

Israeli authorities remove 'pooping Netanyahu' statue
Some have compared the unflattering depiction to Gollum.
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17 March, 2021
No one has claimed the statue [Getty]
Israeli police questioned bystanders in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday after a statue of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defecating appeared overnight.

The statue depicts a naked Netanyahu squatting and appearing to relieve himself, according to local media reports.

Some passers-by reportedly compared the depiction to ghoulish figure Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.

The squatting statue was removed from Habima Square later on Wednesday by Tel Aviv municipality officials, which comes less than a week before Israel's fourth round of elections in two years

It is unclear who is behind the statue although The Jerusalem Post has linked it to previous public exhibits by artist Itay Zalait.

Last year, Zalait erected a statue of an anti-Netanyahu protester facing off against police near the prime minister's office in Jerusalem.

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