Israeli authorities cut off water in Palestinian prison

Israeli authorities cut off water in Palestinian prison
Amid weeks of threatening responses to protests by Palestinian prisoners, authorities in Israel have now cut off water and electricity in Nafha prison.
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04 May, 2016
Palestinians have been demonstrating against conditions in Nafha prison for weeks [Anadolu]
Israeli authorities have cut off electricity and water in Nafha prison as part of week-long crackdowns on prisoners.

"A state of tension currently prevails and clashes between prisoners and the prison administration is likely," a statement from the Palestinian office for Prisoner Affairs read. 

The escalation began after Israeli forces transferred Ahmed Khatib, a representative for Palestinian prisoners, to an "undisclosed location".

"The prisoners are living in dire conditions and there has been no interest expressed by general movement to improve prison conditions," a statement from the office said.

"The punitive reprisals against prisoners is aiming at tightening the noose on prisoners and to undermine their resolve."

Prisoners began protesting last month after over two months of strict security conditions, including repeated denials of family visits.

Israeli authorities responded by raiding the prison, flooding cells and destroying books and food supplies, as well as forbidding Friday prayers.